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FREE  Fencing  Estimate  With Owner

Among our customers, we have earned a reputation for providing high-quality work. With more than 30 years of experience installing custom fences, we have the dedication to only offer exceptional and durable products installed by seasoned professionals. All our custom fences are made in the USA and manufactured by trusted professionals. Call our office today at (509) 540-5175 to schedule a free estimate.

Installing High-Quality Fences


Why Hire Proffesionals from
Walla Walla Landscaping

The design of a good fence can add security and value to your home and improve the overall appearance. Here at Walla Walla Landscaping, we know that installing a fence involves a lot more than digging post-holes and nailing boards together. Our unique and proven method for installation is virtually trouble-free and will guarantee durability for years to come.


Our Custom Fence Services

Wood, Vinyl, Chainlink Fence Installation

Pre-cast Concrete Fencing


Field Panels & Gates Installed

Field Fencing

Galvanized Metal Fences

Fence Repair

Hot Wire or Electric Fencing

Ornamental Iron Work

Privacy & Semi-privacy Fences

Custom-made Gates

Aluminum Fences

Our Exclusive Premium Product Manufacture 

Walla Walla Landscaping has established exclusive “sole installer” certified pro-dealer relationships over the years. Here is just one of the manufacturing companies that recommends our services and that are proud to represent us as certified pro installers of their products.

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