Walla Walla Landscaping Gives Back With Our Monthly Community Outreach

We would like you to recommend a; local charity, local organization, or a deserving local family that you would like us to donate our job profits too.

You can come by our showroom at 8 East Rose and let us know your recommendation for whom you feel is the most deserving of this donation.

This is something that all of us here at Walla Walla Landscaping, and our loyal customers really enjoy doing each month. We would like to invite you to be apart of our Community Outreach.

Each month we set aside 100% of the profits from one of our landscaping jobs. This Money is then donated; to a local charity, a trusted organization, or a local deserving family in our community.

Each month we take submissions from our crew and the community throughout that month that then get placed into a bowl, that we keep in our showroom at 8 East Rose, and at the end of each month, a recipient is chosen.

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