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How to Design the Perfect Retaining Wall

Designing A Retaining Wall

The function of a retaining wall is important, but it can add a strong aesthetic appeal to property or landscape. When designing your retaining wall it should complement your exterior and fit the look of your outdoor space.

  • Before considering the design of your retaining wall, you will need to first ensure your wall serves its functional purpose. Your hard scaper will need to examine the condition and slope of the property, as well as any landscape you plan to add, to design a retaining wall that will keep soil in place and allow a sufficient amount of water drainage.

  • Once the functional aspects of the retaining wall have been established, consider how you want your existing landscape, yard, and/or building to fit in with the wall. Retaining walls can double as benches, steps, planters, or even parts of your outdoor living space such as your patio or deck.

  • The look of your retaining wall should also compliment the look of your home. A retaining wall can be created with a variety of materials and styles imaginable to complement your property of other decorative features

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