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Retaining walls are an essential part of your property’s appearance, performance, and value. Not only do retaining walls create a unique aesthetic, but they must have structured functionality to prevent your soil or landscape from shifting due to elements causing erosion. Walla Walla Landscaping is a hardscape company committed to producing high-quality custom work. With numerous years of experience in the industry, we will help with every step from design to your wall construction.

Retaining Wall Experts in Walla Walla

Why Hire Professionals from
Walla Walla Landscaping

Whether you want graceful, curving, or solid and rigid lines, we have the experience required to create a wall that will stand the test of time. It takes practice to build a well-made retaining wall; with our many years of combined experience working with various retaining wall products, we can create a wall second to none. We also stand behind our work, offering you some of the most extended warranties in the industry

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Retaining Wall Services

Raised Aggregate Concrete Walls

Steps Incorporated in Wall

Solid Pour Stamped Concrete Walls

Hardscape Wall Design

Repair to Existing Walls

Brick Retaining Wall

Rock or Log Streamline Walls

Drainage Installation


Eco Block Retaining Wall

Rock Retaining Wall

Stone Masonry

Our Exclusive Premium Product Manufacture 

Walla Walla Landscaping has established exclusive “sole installer” certified pro-dealer relationships over the years. Here is just one of the manufacturing companies that recommend our services and that we are proud to represent as certified pro installers of their products.

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